Welcome on the slashData page, a tool that will make life easier for Linux/Unix system administrators.

version  1.1 (build sep2006)
description  Perl management tool for managing user/department and (web)project directories on Unix servers.

 (1) Make a big (typically RAID5) filesystem, mount it as /data.
 (2) Make your users and department/project groups.
 (3) Use slashdata to create all needed directories.
 (4) Use slashdata (crontab) to enforce all ownerships and permissions.
 (x) Optional: move all critical system data (database,mail,dns,ldap etc.) to /data/system and symlink.

 - All critical data on one filesystem for easy backup and recovery.
 - Enforce ownership/permissions.
 - Development includes version branches.
 - Apache2 is supported in production and development.
 - Very good mix with NFS or Samba.

 Please check the documentation for more information.
status  production
current version  1.1
dependancies  Perl >= 5.004 (optional Perl File::Find module)
platforms  All Linux/Unix distributions (SGI/Sun/HP depends on Perl implementation).
documentation  slashdata-1.0-doc.html (allmost finished)
download  tar.gz: tar.gz
 debian: planned
    rpm: planned
author  Jacco Loonstra, Groningen, The Netherlands
license  BSD license, see disclaimer in the documentation
disclaimer  use at your own risk, see also disclaimer in the documentation

Mail 'slashtools @' if you have any remarks or need input on using slashData.
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